Greg and Jennifer Gossard are a selfless couple who have nurtured several children in the foster care system—and, even after becoming empty-nesters, they didn’t hesitate when eight more children came their way! In last night’s episode, Random Acts enlisted nonprofit organization Heart2Home to turn the Gossards’ unfinished basement into a cozy living space in just one weekend.

You can watch "House Swarming Party" right here on-demand—then stick around to find out more about host Emilie Starr below!

BYUtv: What is the hardest part of hosting Random Acts?
EmilieThe waiting! I want to surprise people so badly, but we have to wait for the right moment. The wait…for that moment…is agony! However, it is extremely gratifying.

BYUtvWhat advice would you give to people who want to do a random act of kindness?
Emilie: Pardon my Star Wars, but, "Do or do not. There is no try."

BYUtv: When you aren’t hosting Random Acts, what are you doing?
Emilie: Waiting to host Random Acts…why, what is everyone else doing?

BYUtvDo you have a secret talent or hobby that would surprise people?
Emilie: I believe all love stems from the kitchen—your taste buds are directly connected to your heart, and food is a catalyst for the best conversations! But I’m not the best cook, so this year I wanted to change that. I have a goal to not cook the same meal twice for one full year! With the help of three different food delivery services, I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal (only seven months to go!) If anyone ever wants to try a new recipe, I am your girl! That’s my new hobby—making edible memories!


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