Would you race to unknown relatives for a grand prize?

Four teams compete for exactly that in ‪Relative Race‬, a new reality competition TV series premiering on BYUtv on February 28. Each team races across the country from San Francisco to New York to complete challenges and meet new family members. Watch the official trailer here.

The Wrights, the Browns, the Randalls, and the Engbergs each come to Relative Race with unique backgrounds and incredible stories. Read more about each team below, and cheer them on in the premiere of Relative Race on Sunday, February 28 at 6 PM MT.

Meet the Wrights

Team Black: Coming from Anchorage, Alaska, Patrick and Janice Wright are what Relative Race host Dan J. Debenham described as true Alaskans through and through—because they are “tough, driven, and nothing fazes them. Before the show, they said, ‘We’re tougher than other people. We get up and drive to work when there’s two feet of snow on the ground and it’s twenty below zero. Nothing that happens while driving across the country is going to faze us.’”

Janice is a self-employed media consultant, while Patrick is the senior account executive at Alpha Media, a radio broadcasting company. In their free time, the Wrights enjoy traveling, hockey, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.


Meet the Browns

Team Red: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Brooke and Anthony Brown are anything but ordinary. Brooke is a professional dancer, and Anthony professionally trains UFC fighter Roy Nelson. When they aren’t onstage or in the ring, the Browns enjoy outdoor activities and traveling. As the daughter of an adopted mother and descendant of African-American slaves, respectively, Brooke and Anthony were especially anxious to discover their family trees.

When asked what was the one thing they hoped viewers would take away from Relative Race, Anthony said, “To not judge people. We met relatives from every walk of life. If we judged them based on where they lived, what they looked like, or what their hobbies were, we would have missed out on getting to know some really great people.”


Meet the Randalls

Team Green: The Randalls come from Phoenix, Arizona, and are the youngest couple in the race. Heather is a stay-at-home mother, and Bradley is an auditor for an accounting firm. They value time spent together as a family and enjoy playing tennis. The couple has a penchant for adventure and motivation to win a down payment for a new home.

Debenham described the Randalls as a highly driven couple with opposite personalities: “he is an absolute introvert, and she is an extravert. Throughout the show, it was interesting to see Bradley really come out of his shell as he discovered his family.” In the series premiere, Heather and Bradley make a shocking discovery, and learn more about their relatives through the competition.


Meet the Engbergs

Team Blue: Living in Seattle, Washington, Doug Engberg is the director of development for Olive Crest, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping children in crisis. His wife, Margo, is the founder and CEO of PinkaBella Cupcakes and PB Franchising. As you can imagine, the couple has “that entrepreneurial spirit of overcoming adversity and moving forward, even when the chips are down, and succeeding no matter what,” said Relative Race host Debenham.

When the Engbergs aren’t working, they enjoy golfing, skiing, traveling, and spending time with their children. Their deep desire to connect with more family motivated their participation—and fierce competitive edge—in Relative Race.



Tune in on February 28 to find out what surprises await these teams in their family trees. Follow Relative Race on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for latest show updates.