Tune in to BYUtv this month for uplifting Christmas entertainment. Catch new specials for the holiday season, Christmas episodes of your favorite shows, and more. Original air times are listed below - see the schedule for rebroadcast times.


In Performance: Christmas Under the Stars

Premieres Sunday, December 6 at 5pm MT: Join featured vocalists GENTRI and Lexi Walker as they present Christmas songs celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ against an old Jerusalem replica set. Additional performers include The Snow College Chamber Orchestra, The Snow College Cadence Chamber Choir, The American Heritage Youth Chorus, and other musical guests.

AUDIO-FILES: 12 Bands of Christmas

Premieres Wednesday, December 9 at 6pm MT: Twelve local bands and artists spread holiday cheer with creative renditions of Christmas classics that will inspire and touch your heart. Performers include Fictionist, Mindy Gledhill, Elaine Bradley of Neon Trees, The Moth & The Flame, Ryan Innes, and more.

Studio C Christmas Special Live Event

Airs Monday, December 7 at 8pm MT: 'Tis the season for laughter! It's a new Studio C Christmas episode on BYUtv, plus hang out with the cast on YouTube LIVE before, during, and after the episode for get-to-know-you games and Q&A (Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth).

The Story Trek Christmas Special

Airs Monday, December 7 at 6pm MT: Travel to Santa Claus, Indiana, with Todd to see how the spirit of Christmas is celebrated 365 days a year. Learn the stories of incredible individuals that will touch your heart.

2015 First Presidency Christmas Devotional

LIVE broadcast on Sunday, December 6 at 6pm MT: A staple of the LDS Church’s Christmas celebrations since at least the 1970s, marked by festive decorations, heartwarming music, and uplifting messages. Witness a tradition that brings holiday cheer to millions across the globe every year.

Christmas Movies

Sit down with the whole family and enjoy Christmas movies like Christmas Angel, Silent Night, Terry, Spirit Bear, and Heart of the Country.


Tune in throughout the month of December on BYUtv, stream live on www.byutv.org, or download & watch on the BYUtv app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, and more. Merry Christmas from BYUtv!