With Christmas just around the corner and the new year in sight, 'tis the season for spending time with loved ones, celebrating with good food, and giving gifts.

Now remember, not all great Christmas gifts come from the store. There are many wonderful homemade Christmas gifts that you can make and fill with thoughtfulness and TLC. Here are 3 great homemade gifts that are easy to make for your loved ones.


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One of the most universal gifts is the giving of Christmas treats. But instead of just buying a package of chocolate Christmas coal, or a marshmallow Santa, give your friends and family a homemade treat of chocolate peppermint bark!

Here is a quick and easy recipe:

1 bag of chocolate chips
1 bag of white chocolate chips
1 bag of peppermint candy

Take the peppermint candy and crush it into small pieces. Melt the chocolates and layer them in a pan with wax or foil lining. Sprinkle peppermint on top of melted chocolate and let cool. When cool, break and place into a cute container for a quick and tasty Christmas treat!

(For step-by-step peppermint bark images, see this tutorial.)


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With so much good happening in the world this time of year, another great gift for nearly everyone is a homemade journal!

This is a great gift because not only can it help the new owner of the journal remember the warm memories of the holidays, but it will also give future generations a look into the magic and traditions of this year’s Christmas. (Check out The Generation Project to see more ways you can help record now for future generations.)

You can make your journal as simple or ornate as you want; all you need is some paper, a cover of your choice, and some decorations to personalize it!

(For step-by-step book cover journal images, click here.)



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And a final, super-simple Christmas gift is a homemade teacup candle. All you need is a teacup (and optional saucer), candle wax, your favorite sent, and candle wicks.

Melt the wax, mix in the scent, pour into the teacup, place the wick, and let sit until cool.

(For step-by-step teacup candle images, see this tutorial.)

And there you have it! Three fun and easy homemade gifts to add a little spice to your holiday season.