BYUtv is changing.

It's a new year. We've got a new building. We even created a new blog. And on March 28, you can expect to see fresh episodes of your favorite shows on BYUtv, plus a number of exciting, new programs. For over a year BYUtv has encouraged viewers in over 55 million U.S. homes – not to mention countless others around the globe via the Internet – to "See the Good in the World." And in 2011 we're reshuffling our programming to more effectively show you the best of all that's good.

What type of programming, you ask? Watch this episode of Turning Point, a fantastic new series that perfectly illustrates the new type of show you'll see on BYUtv in March.

So why all the changes at BYUtv? We're moving into what I believe is the most exciting period of the station's ten year history. In addition to our new original productions like Turning Point, BYUtv will partner in 2011 with ESPN to broadcast more BYU sports than we ever have in the past. This brings potentially millions of new eyes to BYUtv – a diverse batch of new viewers that we're excited to welcome.

But don't fret. BYUtv will still air the popular and acclaimed series you've grown to love. Here's a brief sneak peak of the new season of The Generations Project, a reality series that investigates and connects people with their family's past:

Sir Winston Churchill once said that "there is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction." As 2011 dawns and I look forward to the amazing opportunities awaiting BYUtv this year, it becomes clear that we are unquestionably moving in the right direction.

Be sure to share our exciting new content with your friends, family and neighbors! And watch for more posts here on the See the Good Blog that will give you insight into our new programming approach and sneak peaks at the great new shows coming your way in 2011.