This year, BYU Broadcasting took home several prestigious Emmy Awards from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Not only did BYUtv take home the award for Overall Excellence, several BYUtv original programs won big as well—including, for the first time ever, Studio C!

Continue below to learn more about the Emmy Awards BYUtv received and click through to watch the winning programs on-demand.


Winning BYUtv Programs


Overall Excellence:

Documentary – Historical:
Joan of Arc

From ordinary farm girl to extraordinary hero, Joan of Arc led a life of conviction and courage. This BYUtv original docudrama, which premiered in 2015, tells the incredible story of Joan’s stalwart spirit, military prowess, and enduring influence through engaging reenactments and thoughtful commentary from scholars and LDS Church leaders.

Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special:
Studio C, “Season 6 Episode 3”

This hilarious amalgam of sketches brings you Matt’s legendarily absurd game of Bop-It, a male seahorse’s tumultuous pregnancy experience, and Agnes, the overdramatic roommate determined to ruin game night.

Teen (13 and Up) – Program Feature/Segment/Program Special:
Studio C, “Season 6 Episode 7”

You won’t believe your eyes when a doctor performs surgery on a world-famous magician, six contestants compete in a workplace reality show, and David Wayne Stars chats with a news reporter about his middle school carnival.



Historic/Cultural – Program Feature/Segment/Program Special:
American Ride, “Sage of the Age: Dr. Benjamin Franklin”

In addition to being one of the most iconic Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin was a renowned inventor, philosopher, and politician. This episode of American Ride takes you on a fascinating journey to discover just how Ben Franklin’s big ideas paved the way for a complete and independent nation.

Religion – Program Feature/Segment/Program Special:
The Story Trek, “Who Is My Brother?”

While traversing the nation randomly, Todd Hansen never fails to find individuals with compelling—and often extraordinary—stories. “Who Is My Brother?” brings you a moving tale that started when a man donated his kidney to a total stranger.

Interview/Discussion – Program/Special or Series:
The Story Trek, “The Last Frontier”

We’ve all seen Todd Hansen’s incredible interview skills at work on The Story Trek. Now, travel to the backcountry of Alaska to see the interview that won an Emmy award on “The Last Frontier.”

Special Event Coverage (Other Than News or Sports) – Live or Edited:
Christmas under the Stars
, “GENTRI and Lexi Mae Walker”

BYUtv’s Christmas under the Stars series brings the magic of Christmas concerts into your home. Last year’s special, which features legendary pop trio GENTRI and America’s Got Talent alum Lexi Mae Walker, won an Emmy for its spectacular coverage of the live performances. Stay tuned this holiday season for TWO brand-new Christmas under the Stars specials.

BYUtv’s high-caliber promotions team also came away with deserved recognitions at the regional Emmy Awards ceremony.


Winning BYUtv Promotions


Promotion: Program – Single Spot/Image:
American Ride, “Pilgrim’s Journey”

Can a commercial be just as good as what it’s selling? See for yourself in this nostalgic American Ride promotion.

Promotion: Program – Campaign:
BYU Basketball on BYUtv

BYUtv’s promotions for basketball captures what it means to be a Cougar fan, young or old, and introduces you to the faces on the team.

Promotion: Program – Sports:
BYUtv Sports, “Blue Runs Deep” Campaign

This series of promotions captures the unique and unparalleled energy of Cougar football and makes you part of the team.


KBYU Eleven also took home some awards for themselves for documentaries written on our very own state of Utah.


Winning KBYU Programs


KBYU Eleven, Utah’s Sanctuary "Great Salt Lake"

From early pioneers to contemporary artists, people across the globe have long been drawn to the history, wildlife, recreation, and beauty that abound in and around the lake. Join host Clive Romney to explore the unique geology, tenacious ecosystem, and remarkable influence of Utah's world-famous sanctuary.

KBYU Eleven, "Beehive Stories: Davis County"

Bri is a high school student with the unusual summer job of working on an island, in Utah. Antelope Island is home to buffalo, stunning views of the Great Salt Lake, and one greasy spoon diner, where Bri earns her keep flipping buffalo burgers.