When I think of BYU, I think of sports.

I grew up sitting on the stairs with my brothers, listening to fuzzy radio signals of Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Danny Ainge, Devin Durrant, and Steve Trumbo (five offensive fouls in one game by the same official—really? I’m just sayin’). Every once in a while we would get to see BYU play on television, and it was a big deal. I have five brothers and one sister, and I’m pretty sure all the acquired in-laws didn’t comprehend the devotion to BYU sports that they inherited with their new family. What I’m trying to say is, I—and I think many of you—like BYU sports.

Now, I work at BYU Broadcasting and participate in production of BYU sports, and the events of the last month excite me, as I’m sure they excite all BYU sports fans. And I have to say that for me, the most thrilling BYU sports event so far this year wasn’t on a field. It was at this press event

It’s up for speculation what long-term impact this football independence and association with the West Coast Conference is going to have on BYU sports and all of us BYU sports fans, but it is certain that we are going to see a lot more BYU sports headed to BYUtv in the coming months and years.

We’re thrilled to have exclusive rights to broadcast games not picked up by ESPN. And we’re also feeling good about bringing you the best in every other BYU sport, giving you continued and increased coverage of the BYU sports you love—including sports we don’t have to wait until next year to see, like soccer, volleyball, and baseball.

In addition to more live sports on BYUtv, you should look to byutv.org as a great resource. The website is revamped and now has video on demand for not only the game you missed last week but also a big collection of classic BYU sports. Soon you can watch the entire 1981 BYU vs. Notre Dame game with the Danny Ainge full-court drive and finger roll over Orlando Woolridge, as well as the less-remembered win over UCLA—the game that got BYU there. Come and see all the sports that you missed as well as all the sports you want to remember.

The future of BYUtv and BYU sports looks bright, and be assured, we’ll be there for every swing, pass, sprint, throw, dive, hit, dismount, serve, spike, and tackle.

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