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Random Acts Interview: How Stephen Jones Brought Service to the Soccer Field in “Goalden Ticket”

Published: April 25, 2017
By: Emily Snow

For his first BYUtv blog interview, host Stephen Jones told us all about the newest Random Acts episode. [More]

Relative Race FAQs: What Happens When a Team is Eliminated, How the Speed Limit is Enforced, and More

Published: April 23, 2017
By: Emily Snow

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Here, we explain some of the most-asked questions about the inner workings of Relative Race. [More]

Lisa Valentine Clark talks “Backyard Blitz” and Random Acts Season 2

Published: April 18, 2017
By: Emily Snow

Season 2 of Random Acts has been chock-full of heart-warming moments. We talked to host Lisa Valentine Clark about the ins and outs of "Backyard Blitz." [More]

Random Acts Interview: “Copter Kindness” and Season 2 Secrets with Will Rubio

Published: April 11, 2017
By: Emily Snow

A new high-flying, feel-good episode of Random Acts premiered last night, so we sat down with host Will Rubio to learn more. [More]

BYUSN to Host Special Live Broadcast from BYU Football Fan Fest in Las Vegas

Published: April 7, 2017
By: Emily Snow

BYU football season is already on its way back with the BYU Football Fan Fest happening on April 22—and BYU Sports Nation will be there to cover all the action. [More]

Random Acts Host Emilie Starr Talks Season 2 Premiere & Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Published: April 4, 2017
By: Emily Snow

Random Acts Season 2 premiered yesterday with a magical and heart-warming episode you won't want to miss! We caught up with host Emilie Starr to find out more. [More]
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